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Throughout its 35 years of existence, FAVER has earned the reputation of being a responsive, nimble and supportive research partner.

FAVER constantly explores process improvements to maximize resources to invest into our researchers’ work. Based on this commitment to cost effective administration and management structures, FAVER’s management expenses represent approximately 9% of the total research program expenses.

The Atlanta VA Medical Center is a level 1A tertiary care and research center within the National VA Health System.

The Clinical Studies Center (CSC) is a unit dedicated to supporting clinical research endeavors.

The CSC supports high-quality clinical research which is safe for patients and good for science, and the 5,000 square foot facility is composed of examination rooms, a phlebotomy clinic, a laboratory with centrifuges, a hood and multiple freezers, a storage area for study files, workstations for monitor visits, and offices for coordinators.

Specific Site Infrastructure:

  • Reception Area and Waiting Room
  • Office space:
    • Cubicle space for 8 full time coordinators
    • Private office for PI
  • Examination rooms:
    • 4 examination rooms with exam tables
    • 1 interview room
  • Sample processing laboratory (see below):
  • Research pharmacy with secure refrigerated storage (see below):
  • Data manager support for queries of the electronic health record to identify potential subjects
    • Other facilities (phone, computers, fax, secure areas for study files): Phone and computer for each coordinator, investigator
    • Secure office for study files
    • Shared fax for study team, investigator – private fax
  • Servers in VA IT Computer Room that are backed up daily and available for research study files
  • Laboratory facilities for obtaining, processing and storing biological specimens:
  • Centrifuges, Freezers, Laboratory Staff
  • Clinical Studies Center Processing Laboratory:
    • Refrigerated centrifuge
    • Fume/Biohazard hood
    • Refrigerator
    • -20 C Freezer
    • Ultralow -80 C Freezer
    • Weekly dry ice delivery
    • Daily FedEx pickup
    • Research coordinators have IATA training/certification for Packaging and Shipping of Class 6.2 Agents