Our Researchers

Thanks to strong collaborative ties FAVER is privileged to work with a large community of uniquely talented medical researchers across a broad spectrum of research areas as we fulfill our purpose of advancing VA research and education.

The range of research projects is broad and includes special emphasis on major diseases categories, all of which are prevalent in the VA’s patient population. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Diabetes treatment and prevention
  • Low vision devices and aids

FAVER has access to 121 active Principal Investigators (PIs) conducting research at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. The PIs listed below have active appointments at the Atlanta VA Health Care System. In addition, nearly all of the PIs listed maintain an academic appointment with Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University or Morehouse School of Medicine.

Blum, James
Udoji, Mercy
Woodbury, Anna

Bloom, Heather
Harzand, Arash
Kumar, Gautam
Mavromatis, Kreton
Sachdeva, Rajesh
Searles, Charles
Shah, Amit J
Taylor, William
Wilson, Peter
Zafari, Abarmard

Data Analytics Core
Cui, Xiangqin

Arbiser, Jack
Chen, Suephy
Pollack, Brian

Olson, Darin E
Phillips, Lawrence
Rhee, Mary
Tangpricha, Vin
Thule, Peter

Goebel, Stephan
Prasad, Meena
Raja, Shreya
Srinivasan, Shanthi

Huang, Wei
Johnson, Theodore
Vaughan, Elizabeth

Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center
Echt, Katharina
Perkins, Molly

Health Services Research and Development
Gebrekristos, Hirut
Tomolo, Anne

Antun, Ana
El Osta, Badi
Harris, Wayne
Reddy, Satyanarayan
Ribeiro, Maria
Shumate, Mark
Xia, Chunzhi

Infectious Diseases
Anderson, Evan
Cartwright, Emily
Farley, Monica
Jacob, Jesse
Marconi, Vincent
Moanna, Abeer
Oliver, Nora
Ray, Susan

Mental Health
Astin, Millie
Bradley-Davino, Bekh
Bremner, James
Duncan, Erica
Nieves, Yanire
Rauch, Sheila
Shim, Seong
Tang, Yilang
Wingo, Aliza

Cai, Hui
Hoover, Robert
Park, Jeanie

Fournier, Christina
Royal, Walter
Tyor, William
Yepes, Manuel

Dunbar, Sandra
Kelly, Ursula

Lynch, Mary
Maa, April

Chan, Bonnie

Allam, Joanne Shirine
Cribbs, Sushma
Fields, Barry
Guidot, David
Hart, Michael
Ioachimescu, Octavian
Mehta, Ashish
Sadikot, Ruxana
Trammell, Aaron
Venkateshiah, Saiprakash
Wongtrakool, Cherry

Radiation Oncology
Edelman, Scott
Moghanaki, Drew

Rehabilitation Research and Development
Allen, Rachael
Barrett, A.M.
Boatright, Jeffrey
Crosson, Bruce
Feola, Andrew
Hackney, Madeleine
Krishnamurthy, Lisa
Krishnamurthy, Venkatagiri
McGregor, Keith
Nocera, Joe
Pardue, Machelle
Rodriguez, Amy
Yu, Shan Ping

Research and Development
Beck, George
Drissi, Hicham
Gillespie, Theresa
Han, Jenny
Illien-Junger, Svenja
Kang, Bum-Yong
Le, Ngoc-Anh
Magee, Matthew
Mead, Jan
Merlin, Didier
Rather, Philip
Shafer, William
Sutliff, Roy
Weiss, David
Weitzmann, Mervyn
White, Todd
Willett, Nick
Yeligar, Samantha
Yun, Changhyon

Adamson, David
Alabi, Olamide
Brewster, Luke
Filson, Christopher
Flanagan, Carrie
Petros, John
Presciutti, Steven

Veterinary Medical Unit
Fallon, Michael