Principal, SDG Advisors, LLC

Board Members

Stanton Breon

B. Stanton Breon, CFA, CPA, is a founding member, Principal and co-owner of SDG Advisors, LLC a boutique real estate investment firm that is a real estate fund manager for high net worth clients.

Mr. Breon is also Managing Member of Accumus Investments, LLC, which directs investments for his family real estate holdings. Accumus was formed in 2009, with its first series of investments originating from banks looking to liquidate their real estate portfolios. Accumus makes targeted investments in office buildings, student housing, developed residential and office lots, and raw land.

Prior to these positions, he served as a Director, co-owner and CFO/COO of VEF Advisors, LLC from its inception in 2003 until its sale in 2006 to its joint venture partner. He also served as the President and CEO of Windship Capital Markets, LLC, an NASD registered Broker-Dealer specializing in private placements of real estate related securities, which he founded in 2005.

Previously, Mr. Breon was the Assistant Portfolio Manager for the inaugural Value Enhancement Fund (“VEF”) in 1992 and later became Portfolio Manager. VEF was one of a Portfolio of Equitable Real Estate Investment Management funds which invested and managed institutional investments in real estate.

During the 14 years that Mr. Breon was involved with VEF, it grew to manage over $2B in assets. In addition to his management responsibilities, he was also head of the regional asset management team, as well as hotel asset management and acquisitions. He was directly involved with all aspects of the business from property acquisitions to investor relations, dealing with institutions such as Raytheon, Toyota, Toshiba, and UPS. Mr. Breon was also deeply involved in financing for the Value Enhancement Fund Series, arranging over $600 million in Portfolio financings and over $200 million in asset level financings during his tenure.

Mr. Breon received a BS in Business from Towson University and a MS in Real Estate from Georgia State University. Mr. Breon holds the CFA designation and is a licensed CPA. He is a member of the Atlanta Chapter of the CFA Society.